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Logistical Support

Position:  Logistical Support                                                                                  Agency: Office of Head Start

Location: Washington, DC Area                                                                            Start Date: Contingent on Award


Job Description:

The net.AMERICA Corporation is seeking a Logistical Support team member who has expertise with Head Start and Early Head Start grants.


Responsibilities included but not limited:

  • Serves as the primary administrative, logistical, and procurement representative for the planning, execution, and recovery phases.
  • Assists all team members to ensure all assigned equipment is in good working order always and ensures all hardware and software in use is recorded.
  • Provides technical guidance and assistance to all project personnel pertaining to the accountability of all property assigned to the contract.
  • Assist with the publication and update of standard operating procedures and other documentation.
  • Works closely with suppliers on ensuring the right material is being placed on order and understanding delivery of material to the proper locations.
  • Develop reports on material and personnel movements and various operational logistics problems.


Experience and Education Required:

  • Bachelors degree from an accredited university/college, in Logistics or Business Administration with 3+ years of job-related experience providing program support and/or management.
  • Minimum 4 years of experience with shipping and receiving, transportation, procurement, supply management, and equipment maintenance required
  • Proficient computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office.