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In this interview, CEO of NetAmerica, Clare Hines explains how NetAmerica was called in at the last minute to help one of their preferred clients, (HUD)  pull together a fulfillment  contract. Clare reveals how her team  overcame challenges and extreme time constraints to achieve their client’s objectives successfully.


In this interview  NetAmerica CEO, Clare Hines, talks about the United States Patent and Trademark Office contract and how net.America will deliver and manage the following functionality: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Teletype/Telecommunications Devices for Deaf (TTY/TDD) services, unified messaging (e-mail and voice, including voice mail and recording) and integration with the USPTO Customer Contact Management System (UCCMS) (Siebel CRM tool) and USPTO’s Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) (Remedy help Desk tool).


In this interview, CEO of NetAmerica Clare Hines, reflects on the Katrina disaster of 2005 and how Net America stepped in to assist HUD and FEMA to house thousands of victims of the devastating hurricane. This Call Center contract was a particularly emotionally charged responsibility that the NetAmerica team worked on together, despite setbacks and the gruelling nature of housing desperate people on an unprecedented scale.